Starfleet Tailor

just a plain, simple tailor
specializing in obscure uniform variants
and attention to detail
requests are always welcome

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[sorry for disappearing suddenly i had to go back to college i will return next weekend after i finally have all my classes set because california doesn’t value higher education so my college doesn’t have enough money and they cut all but one section of the physics class i need and it’s full so i’m trying to fix things in real life right now]

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AH to clarify I meant get together in someone’s Animal Crossing town!  I was gonna be making the red uniforms in ACNL!  Sorry for the confusion!

But yes, I am American.

And sadly I won’t be making the red uniforms in real life (yet) because I don’t have a sewing machine and I am 1701% done with sewing by hand.  It sucks.

I kinda feel bad for this confusion.  If you all want I’ll go to Golden Gate Park and pretend I’m feeling up the hull of a cloaked Klingon ship and then drive down to Monterey and be like WHERE ARE THE WHALES?!!!

Filed under plain simple tailor i only work in outer space i was at a con once and i found someone who has the actual clasps they used on those red uniforms in the movie the ones that hold the whole flappy part up it was really cool

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I’m very excited.  I’m gonna be working on those gorgeous red movie uniforms soon.  They are my absolute favorite and I am DYING to own one in real life.  I’ve attempted them in ACNL before and they didn’t really look great but now that I’ve improved my skills I’m hoping to make some really good looking uniforms!

I was also wondering if any of you all wanted to get together in someone’s town and take a group photo wearing matching uniforms or something.  ^w^ ?

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mizzymouse asked: Just wanted to say your designs are really great, and so is the new layout! Keep being awesome!!!!!


Thank you thank you I do try.  <3

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